Vintage Mystery Boxes - Study Pieces - 3 Tiers Available

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Vintage Mystery Study Boxes are here! Three tiers to pick from, each containing a curated selection of true vintage and/or antique items that are sure to please both the beginner and seasoned collector. 

The items included in these boxes are sold AS IS and are no longer wearable due to age and/or condition. Some may be strong enough for display or reclaimed for use in new sewing projects, but these items are intended for study, inspiration and pattern making purposes. There is so much that can be learned from looking at older garments and textiles, even if their time in the wearable lime light has past. 

Photos show a sample of the different types of items included in each box tier. Selection and age of items will vary, and each box will be unique. Please feel free to message us if you would like to request certain kinds of items (hats or shoes instead of clothing, as an example) and we will do our best to accommodate. 

Beginner Study Box - Containing 1 to 3 items. Great for the beginner vintage collector or enthusiast. This is a "last chance" for many items in this tier.

Level Up Study Box -  Containing 1 to 3 items. Excellent for someone who likes projects or is looking to add a few special items to their study/display collection without breaking the bank. Some items could be made wearable with deep cleaning and/or extensive repair.

Collector's Dream Box - Containing 1 to 3 items. These boxes will contain items with especially interesting details for those looking to pattern or reproduce vintage and/or antique garments. These may also be larger/older antique garments that require slightly larger boxes to ship. 

(PLEASE NOTE the shipping for this top tire box is slightly higher so we can accommodate larger, heavier or slightly awkward sized items. Any over charges will be refunded when the order is processed.)