About Emily's Vintage Visions

Many of you may be familiar with Emily's sewing and research through her blog, Emily's Vintage Visions, or through her social media accounts of the same name on Facebook and Instagram.


Now, her vintage style reproductions and carefully curated collection of true vintage and antique items has a home right along side the Golden Scissors. How exciting to be able to combine a love of historical and vintage sewing under one roof! Be sure to check back frequently for updates on great one-of-kind items!

Emily's Vintage Visions Clothing and Accessories are Suitable for:

- Everyone!
- Living History/Reenactment Events
- Historybounding
- Everyday Wear

We strongly believe that everyone should be able to dress in way that feels comfortable and allows them to freely to express themselves, regardless of race, gender, body type, etc. While we love older style fashions, we do not support many of the ideals of the past. Vintage style is not about romanticizing the past but a way of seeing it more clearly. 


Living History

Emily also offers educational displays for museums and living history events, focusing on the roles of women in 18th century New England and WWII. Her specialty if the W.A.V.E.S (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) of the U.S. Naval Reserve. 



From top to bottom - 1920s dress from self-drafted pattern, 1930s beach pajamas, 1940s beach separates.
From top to bottom - Fabric detail for 1930s tap pants, late 1930s dress, 1940s dress details, 1940s pinafore.
Sample of vintage sewing pattern in Emily's collection. From top to bottom - Simplicity 1946, DuBarry 2379B, McCall 4750.
From top to bottom - 1830s whitework petticoat, 1930s leather boots, 1940s suit.