About Us

At the Sign of the Golden Scissors was founded by independent 18th century clothing researchers, Hallie Larkin and Stephanie Smith. For a number of years, Larkin & Smith provided the living history community with the highest quality, historically accurate sewing patterns for recreating 18th century clothing and accessories. They generously shared their collective knowledge through a wide variety of workshops, lectures and demonstrations. Their hard work has allowed numerous people to expand their own knowledge and understanding of 18th century clothing construction. In August of 2021, Hallie and Stephanie sold the business to explore new ventures.

The goal of the Golden Scissors has always been to provide the highest quality products for museums and individuals wishing to create an accurate 18th century wardrobe. Although the business has changed hands, that goal remains the same. Historical accuracy is emphasized and hand sewing is always encouraged. 

Please know that Emily, the new owner, is committed to offering the same high-quality products customers have come to know and trust from At the Sign of the Golden Scissors. Emily is a skilled seamstress and accomplished historical researcher with years of experience in the living history community. She has a background in independent museum and textile studies, including many years working as an interpreter and research assistant for a small living history museum. Emily is a graduate of New England College, Class of 2005, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. Seeking out those nerdy little details that really make a living history impression come alive has become a life-long passion. The wonderful thing about studying historical clothing is that there is always something new to learn.

Demonstrating a rolled hem on an 18th century cap. Photo Credit, Tom Larsen

Information regarding workshops coming soon. Please check back soon as we continue to update the website with patterns, kits and other new products!

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