Quilted Petticoat Kit - Cotton

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Mock-quilted petticoat kits include everything you need to make yourself a quilted petticoat. These petticoats are made from a single lay of matelasse fabric, no batting needed.

Kits include; Length of pre-quilted cotton fabric, thread, cotton tapes for waistband, hem binding and waist ties, needles, wax and instructions.

Quilted petticoats were worn throughout much of the 18th century by women of all social classes. The quilted designs could be quite plain with just a simple diamond pattern or very complex, as seen in many surviving originals, with floral designs and even fantastical animals. With the introduction of weaving techniques that simulated the more time-consuming hand quilting, an inexpensive alternative meant petticoats and other quilted garments became more widely available in the second half of the 18th century. Loom-quilted or mock-quilted petticoats made of a natural colored "Marseilles" or "Marcella" cloth increased in popularity in the 1760s and 1770s.

The mock-quilted fabric provided in our kits is a good representation of these period fabrics. These petticoats can be worn as an outer garment but are ideal as an under petticoat, worn for warmth or as a foundation garment. Under petticoats can be made a bit shorter than an outer petticoat, so keep that in mind when thinking about how you plan to wear your finished petticoat. 

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