Front and Back Lacing Stays Pattern

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These stays are worn with a boned stomacher with the lacing crossed back and forth in the front. They are spiral bound in the back. Copied from original stays in a private collection. Pattern includes two sizes, instruction manual with directions on how to construct your stays in a period correct manner, and a documentation card with images of the original stays.  Have your bust measure taken while wearing a well fitting bra.  

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Fabric Requirements

Size 32-36 1 yard Linen Buckram, 1/2 yard Optional Fashion Fabric

Size 37-39 1 1/2 yards Linen Buckram, 3/4 yard Optional Fashion Fabric

Sizes 40-50 1 3/4 yards Linen Buckram, 3/4 yard Optional Fashion Fabric

Need boning? Try our Synthetic "Whalebone" We recommend this product for use in the channels next to the lacing holes even if you are using reed as boning in the remainder of the stays. Two yards is plenty for just that purpose in all sizes of our L&S stays pattern.