1.  How long should my gown be?

It depends on the type of gown you are making and why you are making it.  A silk gown meant to be worn indoors can be long, almost reaching the floor if you would like.   A working class gown should be shorter, with the finished length at the top of the back of your shoe or even slightly shorter.  A gown meant to be worn out of doors should not reach the ground.  You will wick up moisture and the skirts of your gown will become a sodden messy business.


2.  Should my petticoat match my gown?

It is nice if you can to always buy enough fabric to make a matching petticoat.  Putting both gown and petticoat together, automatically makes it a bit more formal in appearance, so if you want to dress your gown up a little you wear the matching petticoat.


It is not necessary to have the petticoat match, a contrasting petticoat can be worn.