Blue Silk Child's Bonnet

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Bonnets were popular for much of the 18th century. Black silk was by far the most common but other colors such as blue, white, pink, green and lavender were sometimes seen.

This 1770s style silk bonnet was created for a child or young girl by studying period images and the few originals that exist in museum collections. The bonnet is completely hand sewn using period techniques. Blue bonnets are commonly seen on children in period art. Made from 100% silk faille in navy blue, lined in pink silk taffeta and trimmed in the same pink silk. The silk faille is a lovely substitute for 'sarsnet', a twilled silk that was used in the period. The fabric of the caul holds its shape nicely and will hold up well to wear. The caul has a silk drawstring at the back which allows for some adjustment. Brim is stiffened with pasteboard that has been shellacked to make it water resistant, but please do no wear your bonnet in the pouring rain if you can help it!

The shape and style of this bonnet makes it well suited for 1770s/1780s era costumes and living history/reenactment events. Appropriate for all impressions from working class to upper and middling classes. Please note, this bonnet is a smaller size. It is made to fit a child's head.