18th Century Silk Heart Pin Cushions

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These pin cushions are inspired by those seen in period artwork. An essential part of every sewing kit, keeping you pin cushion tied to your apron is great way to keep them handy for pinning clothing and various sewing projects. Heart and square shaped pin cushions were popular throughout the 18th century and are seen in several period paintings and prints. Squares are commonly seen in the 1730s and 1740s while hearts show up more frequently in the 1750s to 1770s.

These pin cushions are made from 100% silk taffeta and stuffed will polyester fiber fill. Available in different colors and it two sizes, with silk taffeta ties to attach to your apron strings. Each tie is approximately 19". Pins not included.

Sizes vary slightly. Please make your choice using the drop-down menu.

Large size - approximately 4x5

  • Green changeable silk taffeta
  • Pink changeable silk taffeta
  • Red and ivory striped silk taffeta
  • Pink silk faced silk satin

Small size -  approximately 3x3 inches

  • Green stripe
  • Green changeable silk taffeta